Book Review: Punching In by Alex Frankel

February 10, 2010
Title: Punching In
Author: Alex Frankel
Genre: Non Fiction
Format: Hardcover
Year Published: 2007
Source: I purchased this book.

Alex Frankel decided to spend a couple of years trying different jobs that interested him. He went into these jobs with an open mind and tried to give each job a chance.

He delivered packages for UPS during the holiday season in San Francisco, was a salesman at the Apple Store, folded clothes at Gap, became a rental agent for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and trained to become a barista at Starbucks. 

Frankel was interested in how various companies trained their employees for the job and how effective the training was. He was surprised to found out the differences between the jobs. For example, even though the UPS delivery job was exhausting physically, he grew to admire the company. Folding jeans at Gap, however, was mind-numbing. At Enterprise, the job was not really about renting cars, but about persuading customers to buy "extras".
Here is Alex commenting on the process in his own words:

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