Book Review: My Life in France by Julia Child

March 22, 2010
Title: My Life in France
Author: Julia Child
Genre: Memoir, Non Fiction
Format: Paperback
Year Published: 2006
Source: I purchased this book.

After reading Julie and Julia by Julie Powell, I knew that I had to read My Life in France by Julia Child. I wanted to know how Julia became a great chef.

Julia had not had much interest in cooking until she went to live in France with her husband Paul. She certainly enjoyed eating, however, and was never afraid to try new foods. Her first meal in France literally changed her life. She was enchanted with the food and how it was prepared and how it tasted. 

She became obsessed with all things French, but especially the food. Julia had not found what she really wanted to do with her life, but it slowly became apparent to her that she had to learn to cook French food. 

She wanted to become a great French chef and possibly open her own restaurant. She studied at the most famous French cooking school, the Cordon Bleu. She learned a lot and also practiced obsessively at home. She had an enthusiastic partner in her husband Paul. He supported her in everything she did. They were true soul mates.
Eventually she became friends with Simone Beck, and along with Louisette Bertholle, formed a cooking school in Paris. Together they published the instant classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which was geared for an American audience.

Julia explains how this all happened in her book. The book eventually lead to her television series, The French Chef. Here is the legend in action:

You can't help but love Julia because she was an original. She really didn't judge other people, and she was always open to new ideas. She also was able to add her own touches to her recipes, and make them uniquely her own. The reason her television show was so successful was because here was no one else like her -- ever. 



  1. I also love Julia Childs' own book. I haven't read the julie and julia one but watched the movie and was compelled so start cooking more!

  2. The Julia Child book was better than the Julie Powell book. Julia Child seemed to embrace life and she wasn't a judgemental person. She was eager to experience everything life had to offer.

  3. My Life in France had become one of my fav books of all time. I loved it and the sweet dedication she shared with her husband.

  4. @ Florida Girl -- thanks for stopping by. Your blog is interesting. I'll have to read more.

    I love Julia and Paul Child -- a true love story. It's true -- it's almost never too late.

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