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May 7, 2010

Please read my latest review of a New Jersey themed book on my personal blog "New Jersey Memories":

You can purchase Cheaper by the Dozen by clicking on the badge below:

I have also reviewed two other New Jersey books on that blog: Five-Finger Discount by Helene Stapinski, a terrific book about growing up in tough Jersey City, and New Jersey: Off the Beaten Path by William and Kay Scheller. Those reviews can be read here.

You can buy those two books by clicking on the badges below:

While you're there, you are welcome to read the whole blog! (This is called Shameless Blog Cross-Promotion).



  1. Hi I am now following you from Book Blogs :-)

    You can find me here~

  2. what a good job,
    Thanks for providing us that splendid New Jersey book review. thats really inspired. I mean it, coz i really need to read books on my spare time, beside I love meeting new people through blogging

    Nice to know you, I'll come back to visit when i have more time!
    and sory for for any bad typos, well basically im a bad speller lol ;p

  3. @Yesta -- thanks for visiting (and also reviewing my blog on BlogCatalog). Come back anytime!

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