The Versatile Blogger Award and A Blog Hop!

November 10, 2010

I've won The Versatile Blogger Award from words, words, words! Thank you very much, Bethany! Don't miss out on reading her blog!

The rules of the award are: that I must write seven things about me, that I must pass the award on to fifteen different bloggers, and that I must inform those bloggers that I have passed on the award!

Here goes!

7 Things About Me
1. I am a writer as well as a reader.
2. I have a personal blog: New Jersey Memories

3. I am a real blonde
4. I love old movies from The Golden Age of Movies (I plan a blog on that soon)
5. My sign is Leo, so I really am a lioness (ok, I'm being silly here, I'm not really into astrology)
6. I love classic writers such as Jane Austen and the Brontes but I mostly read memoirs and biographies.
7. I love dogs, but I really love cats.

I'm passing on this award to (be prepared: some are quite eccentric -- I love them):

In no particular order:

Retrospace -- Crazy nostalgia blog. Well done!

Gemini Spacecraft -- Eclectic is the word. 
Fantasy Casting -- Where Gina fantasizes about who should be in the film versions of her favorite books! 
A Writer Afoot -- What it says. 
Nymphont -- I love typography and fonts, so I love this blog. Lauren makes cool blog templates, too! 
Classical Bookworm -- How can I not love a blog so lovingly devoted to classic literature? 
A Guy's Moleskine Notebook -- One of the foremost book blogs, so intelligently written.
A Life in Books -- Another beautifully done book blog. 
Age 30+ A Lifetime of Books -- Heather is the Ambassador of Books! 
Alison's Book Marks -- She reads a truly eclectic assortment of books. 
A Dogear Diary -- A book blog with a cat on the header and terrific reviews! 
Heaven is a bookstore -- lots of books, cats, photography, writing, retail -- what's not to love?
Rhodes Review -- Another well done books blog. 
Musings of a Bookish Kitty -- Books and cats again. They just go together! Lovely blog. 
Autodidact 101: Self-Education for the Beginner - Truly educating herself!

Today is the Hump Day Blog Hop hosted by Gina at Fantasy Casting! Click on the badge below to join in the fun!

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