Bargain Book Bonanza April 11th

April 11, 2011

Somehow, despite having a Kindle and giving many of my books to charity, print books keep wandering back into my apartment. It's because I live in an area that is book OBSESSED. In the spring there are many used book sales, where folks line up before the doors are opened for the day!

I have promised myself that I will improve my artistic skills, so I went to the latest sale to buy some art books. Not art history books, but instructional books. I bought the beautiful hardcover book above How to Paint and Draw by Hazel Harrison, and also two of Betty Edwards' classic instructional books: 
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is the best-selling drawing instruction book in history.

I also bought two books to read about my New Jersey obsession:

The Pine Barrens by John McPhee -- classic even if dated:

I also bought New Jersey: A Photographic Journey with gorgeous photography by Walter Choroszewski and text by John Cunningham. All for exactly $20.00. Please join the Bargain Book Bonanza every Monday at Baja Greenawalt!
Bargain Book Bonanza
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