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June 27, 2011

I'll Soon Be Back!

I'll soon be back with new reviews. I'm so excited. I've been having a long vacation -- which included some health issues that had to be addressed. I have been catching up on my long TBR list, however.

However, I am NOT accepting new books to review at this time. Please don't email me with more review requests! I've gotten hundreds of requests!

I am not planning on reviewing many self-published or independently published books anymore. I am planning on participating in more writing memes in the future, as I am a writer as well as a passionate reader.

I'm in the midst of getting a new and professional design for this blog, so this one you are looking at right now is only temporary. It is cheerful though, isn't it? I was tired of my drab-looking blog. I do like this current template, but I am really looking forward to having a more professional look - with a custom design - than I have had in the past.

See you soon!

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