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March 18, 2012

State Of The Blog Address 2012

I have been missing in action for awhile because I needed to take a break from blogging for various reasons. Throughout December and January I was continually sick with colds and various little illnesses. Being continually doped up with amoxicillin, Vicodin, Pepto-Bismol, and Milk of Magnesia -- not all at the same time of course -- is not fun! I was exhausted throughout the holiday season and during January. I also suffer and struggle with carpal tunnel syndrome and osteopedia (or osteopenia) (which means I may develop osteoporosis) and I hurt ALL OVER. I could barely type a sentence. Whenever my immune system shuts down from illness, the carpal tunnel comes back with a vengeance.

When I started blogging I had no idea how much time ONE blog could take, let alone TWO blogs. I love taking photographs for New Jersey Memories, but my poor health and painful arms and legs have made it difficult. Even walking a short distance is difficult. So, for now I will be showing photographs I took last year on New Jersey Memories. I will be keeping that blog as mostly a photo blog about interesting places in New Jersey, although I may occasionally post about personal issues. As for The Literary Lioness, I was in a quandary. It is basically a book blog, and so I usually post book reviews. However, I really take my time reading books for review, and was far behind on my TBR list! While I was sick, I took full advantage of my time to read, but even I can’t read all day every day. I also put a lot of time and thought into my reviews. I am in awe of those book bloggers who can write a review almost every day!

I kept thinking that I was a failure because I don’t post enough book reviews, but then I decided that it’s MY blog and I can write what I want to write! I have decided that while I will continue to write book reviews on The Literary Lioness (including reviews on writing books and New Jersey books, which I read but have not written many reviews about), I will also write about my life as a writer, and other subjects that interest me, such as home decorating and design, music, fonts and typography, bookstores, cats, etc. I also want to become involved in writing memes.

I also want to announce a couple of changes on this blog. First, I will be giving book ratings from one to five stars. You can see the rating system on the left sidebar. Also, I have installed Intense Debate with Comment Luv! When you make a comment, please add your Site URL underneath and click the checkbox next to the Comment Luv button (with the heart). When your comment shows up so will the URL of your latest blog post! Hopefully, that will bring more readers to your blog!

ETA: I have also added Linky Followers to the sidebar! I believe that Google plans to dump Google Friend Connect in the future so I thought that I'd add Linky! Please follow me on Linky, too!

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