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March 22, 2012

It's Friday, so it's time for the Feature and Follow Blog Hop hosted by Parajunkee View and Alison Can Read!

This week's question is:

What is the longest book you’ve read? What are your favorite 600+ page reads?


I've read both War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

and Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell.

Both of these books are about the same length, with numerous interesting characters. They both deal with life during wartime. I read War and Peace when I was only about 10 years old, and it was probably over my head at the time. I was confused by the many characters (many of whom had several nicknames!). This is a book that I really need to read again!

Gone with the Wind -- well, we all know that story, don't we? Probably the most famous American novel of the 20th century. If you haven't read the novel, you've probably seen the movie. The character of Scarlett O'Hara is unforgettable. 

Of course, some segments -- particularly the depiction of the African-American characters, is rather uncomfortable to read now.  There's no doubt that the portrayal of some of the characters -- especially Prissy -- is racist.

Also, the way Rhett treats Scarlett is also disturbing in these more liberated times. Even though I read this book when I was about 12, I was uncomfortable with both the racist and sexist undertones.

Still, I was proud at the time to finish both of these books. 


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