I Miss You, Tiramisu!

April 1, 2012

I love going to Barnes & Noble bookstores. I enjoy perusing new books and magazines, and I love eating in the cafe! Yes, I'm a Starbucks fan! I'm also a Barnes & Noble member, and like getting coupons!

For a couple of years, every time I would go to B&N I would order the Tiramisu Parfait, calories be damned! I loved the luscious creaminess. It tasted so delicious.

Sometimes I would go to Barnes & Noble because I had a craving for the Tiramisu Parfait and ended up buying books and magazines! You see, Barnes & Noble? The Tiramisu Parfait drew me into the store! But in the last several months, there has been no more Tiramisu! Barnes & Noble, bring it back!

I miss you, Tiramisu!

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