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I started this blog because I am passionate about books, reading, and writing. I also love typography, fonts, movies, TV, and animals, especially cats!

I have had at times a personal library of thousands of books. Once I counted 4000 and then stopped counting. I finally had to give away some books to book sales, charities, etc. Of course, I ended up coming home from these places with MORE books.

I have recently acquired now have a Kindle because I'm running out of space for books! I also have an iPhone with the Kindle app so my books go with me wherever I go!

I am also a writer and am currently writing articles, short stories and essays to submit to publishers.

Some of my favorite things:

Books: fiction, memoirs, biographies, autobiographies, coffee table books

Movies: old movies (from the silent era until the 1970s)

Independent films from the last 30 years (they are usually better than big-studio films although there are exceptions, of course)

TV: I love TV from different eras, but I especially love 1970's television. Only three channels then, but good stuff. 

There are so many more channels now, which gives the networks a chance to fill it up with junk. They should be so proud.

Music: I love music from different eras, but I'm especially fond of music from the 1960's.

Design: I love some antiques but also some modern furniture such as Saarinen. I do not like glass or chrome furniture. I'm partial to mid-century Danish furniture, but not just because it's in style: the house I grew up in was a mixture of true Danish mid-century modern and Danish antiques.

One of my favorite things to do is go to Barnes & Noble and drink coffee and flip through all the shelter magazines I can't afford to buy (I can't buy them if I'm going to buy books).

I also love photography and am trying to improve my lowly skills.

My photo blog is called New Jersey Memories, where I take photos and discuss interesting places in my home state.

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